The Tale of the Dollar Menu Temptation

Dearest Readers,

I am here today to tell you a story that we are all very familiar with. My recent absence has been due to a combination of heavy schoolwork and a couple of failed recipes that I couldn’t dare show here on this blog. That would just ruin my credibility! So while I work on creating blog-worthy meals for everyone, I am going to give everyone a word of advice through parable.

The Tale of the Dollar Menu Temptation:


The puff pastry is falling apart in my hands. I keep repeating to myself that it’s going to be okay. It’s no use getting so upset over split puff pastry. But there’s the anger. It’s right there knocking on my door and it’s saying, “the person who effing wrote this recipe must have never ever seen puff pastry before in their lives because the kind I am using and the ONLY kind I could find in the store does not stick together with beaten egg. I am SO sorry Ms. Pretentious Food Blog but it’s NOT WORKING! IT IS NOT WORKING!” I feel like giving up. I feel like tossing the whole lot in the garbage, walking away and cracking open a can of pasta and letting that be good enough. It’s 8:00 at night. Today I have been at school since 9:00 this morning. I have been awake since 7:30. Right after I got out of school today my sister and I went grocery shopping. Because we are so health conscious we have to visit three different stores, WalMart, Albertson’s and our produce market, Fresh Pickins. I got out of school at 3:45 and I got home at 7:00. I have been battling with this chicken recipe for over and hour now and I am TIRED. I am hungry. My feet hurt. My back hurts. I have a million and five things to do for homework tonight. The last thing I need to be concerned with is Ms. Pretentious Food Blog’s chicken that LOOKED easy. I swear to God, Wendy’s Dollar Menu is looking so good right now. This right here is the problem. This is where we find ourselves being weak. When life requires too much out of us that we HAVE to put our health on the back burner. This happens to the best of us more often than not.

Unless you’re a stay at home mom or don’t have to particularly leave the house for long periods of time, you are going to run into the Dollar Menu Temptation. Here in America we bite off more than we can chew in more than one aspect of our lives. We eat too much, we work too much, and we overcomplicate our lives SO much, that we end up having to resort to ignoring the things that are vital to our health. And so you ask, “what do we do? We can’t just pick up our lives and live somewhere else or give up our jobs and daily roles!” Exactly. This is the world we live in and we have to make the best out of it. We just don’t have time to make puff pastry wrapped chicken for dinner when we only have roughly an hour to get in the kitchen, cook, and eat. I realized in the middle of making this dish that this is weekend food. And then after tasting it I realized it was never ever again food. The recipe was horrible. Whoever this woman is…she needs to get a reality check. The chicken came out soggy and the bacon was much too powerful. Horrible. But the moral of the story is that on weeknights, in order to keep away from the drive-thru, we need to keep it simple. Many of my meals here in my blog are simple. But I’m not perfect. Every now and then I’ll run across a recipe (like this chicken recipe) that appears to be easy but is just poorly written. Either that or it just went entirely over my head and exceeded my culinary knowledge. I know that when we cook healthy we have a tendency to want to overcomplicate things like this is some big rocket science. Actually, the key to cooking healthy is “the simpler the better”. Like my Mimi said to me over the phone the other day, “Katie…you much too busy to be foolin’ wit all dat.” Ohhh Mimi J

Eat, Pray, Love,

The Hungry Hungry Health Nut


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